Hsien Chang Lead Free* Series Thermostatic Tempering Valves for Individual Lavatory Installations.
Product description

The BT-T40LF-38 thermostatic mixing valves maintain and limit hot water to desired selectable temperature
between 80°F and 120°F (27°C and 49°C) with flow rates as low as 0.25 gpm (1.0 lpm) and as high as 2.25 gpm
(8.5 lpm). The mixing valve is listed to ASSE 1070 for single fixture applications and IAPMO cUPC.

The BT-T40LF-38 features a rapid response thermostatic element for superior control. The thermostatic
element senses the outlet water temperature and reacts to maintain a constant delivery temperature even
under changing flows or variations in supply temperatures or pressures. It provides stable operation at flow
rates as low as 0.25 gpm (1.0 lpm). The valve also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of a cold water
supply failure.

The BT-T40LF-38 has inlet a compression connection to 3/8" OD tube. Also available with cold water bypass.
Supplied standard with integral check valves on both inlets to prevent cross-flow.

Product specifications
Temperature Adjustment 80 – 120°F (27 – 49°C)
Maximum Supply Pressure         200 psi (1379 kPa)
Temp. hot supply 120 – 180°F (49 – 82°C)
Temp. cold supply 39 – 80°F (4 – 27°C)
Minimum Flow 0.25 gpm (1.0 lpm)
Listing ASSE-1070, IAPMO cUPC, and NSF 61 & 372           
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